RG 65

This is a new class to the club and will be sailing on Saturdays times TBD.

The RG65 is a development class for 65 cm long radio controlled yachts which means that anything not mentioned in the rules is allowed.  The simple rules are designed to encourage people to try new ideas at a modest cost.

Plus points for the class are: 

  • Light weight around 1kg.
  • Compact enough to fit in a small car fully rigged.
  • No need for special heavy duty sail servos.
  • Hulls built in balsa wood are little heavier than expensive carbon fibre moldings.

The current trend is for narrow and deep hulls with ballast ratios of 50%+ and a mix of standard and swing rigs.

The standard DF65 without the A+ rig is fully compliant with the RG65 rules. The DF65 can also be fitted with swing rigs within the RG65 Rules, although not compliant with the DF rule set.

The UK class web site can be found here https://rg65.org.uk/

CHFRYC Class Guide

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