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05/02/2022 RG65 Club Day

Good afternoon girls , I’ve just returned from a very windy CHF where we had our first RG65 shake down meeting for over 2 years, it was nice to see 8 members turn up not all with RG though. We had a fair amount of trauma’s with the RGs with either 1st time out , newly built rigs or newly owned boats and we are all going home with a lot to think about , we started on probably 4 different variations of a A rig with some working ok but the wind got up so the RGs changed down to Bs while the DFs just about coped on As . Jim was unfortunate to lose sail power and ended up on the dark side only to find when he got to the stranded boat it sailed it self back 😤. So a lot learned and look forward to next month’s gathering on the 5th March. PS . Baby dragons 🐉 tomorrow and for those that like a good breeze you need to be there 😘 Terry Wright


Hi Girls, doe’s anyone fancy RG65s on the 18th, if so let me know and I’ll make sure I’m there 💋 Terry


Sorry it’s such short notice but what with our regulars in the RG65 fleet either on holiday, operations, honeymoons or mini breaks the only Saturday free for our September meeting is this coming Saturday so if your up for it see you at 10o/c 😘 ps baby dragons 🐉 welcomes


Hi Peps, It appears that next Saturday’s planed RG65 meeting will be for various reasons poorly attended and that Saturday the 24th will be much more suitable so that’s what we will do, it does also free the ditch up for the much needed working party that George has planed 😘


RG65 club news, Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel a couple of our RG65 Saturday meetings due to bad weather, but nevertheless the class has grown steadily and I’m chuffed to say we
Have 8 members with boats and our next meeting is to be on the Saturday 17th August . To put this in perspective Aylesbury hosted a TT this year and they have only 5 registered members, so this might/ could/ maybe yet another string to the Coalhouse Fort RYC bow ,your welcome to join us and who knows I’m sure we’ll find you something to play with or bring your super modified DF65 along at 10o/c till we’re tired


Hi ho. As interest in the RG65 continues to grow a number of questions have been asked about where to buy boats/parts/rigs/sails and, how to set up etc. In order to assist below are links and information on a few suppliers and where to find some basic info on setups etc. Hope this will be useful to people.

Uk Suppliers
Mark Dicks. Wedge & Others https://dicksdesigns.co.uk/
Dave Creed Pocket Rocket
Taylormade Yachts Fonix. http://taylormadeyachts.com.gridhosted.co.uk/
Alex Cory. Scurry. https://stormrcyachts.com/

Molinea Sails. Manta 17. Facebook
Vam Sails Uno. http://www.vamsails.com/
MX Components Goth RG65. https://www.mxcomponents.com/en/20-rg-65

Sails Etc http://www.sailsetc2.com/store/index.php/products-by-class/65-class.html
David Potter. http://www.pottersolutions.co.uk
David Brown http://www.darkartsails.com/
Cat Sails https://catsails.co.uk/product-category/sails/rg65/
Molinea Sails. Manta 17. Facebook
Vam Sails Uno. http://www.vamsails.com/
MX Components Goth RG65. https://www.mxcomponents.com/en/20-rg-65

Used boats come up very infrequently but now and again can be found via the MYA For Sale section of the forum, also check out the MYA District Websites

Links for club website that provide useful information

Sail measuring – http://apmyc.weebly.com/sail-measurement.html

Various topics of interest – inc rig setups https://mini-flotte76710.blogspot.com/p/technique_23.html. (in French, use Google translate)

Designer Info and sail plans


Links will be made live on my return, please cut and paste in the mean time, Webmaster

Hi Girls, quick reminder it’s RG65s this Saturday 10o/c, I think we’ve half a dozen boats from the club there and for those not going all the way to Eastbourne for a Chinese I’m sure you’ll be able to scrounge a go, or bring your baby dragons 🐉 for a play TALKING of them it’s DF65s on Sunday 😘

Hi Girls one for your diary, the next RG65 is on Saturday 18th May from 10o/c , look forward to seeing you’s & don’t forget your DF65 can participate in this class (no A+ rigs). We had 5 skippers for our inaugural meeting so come along to see what it’s all about 😘 Terry

At the AGM in December 2018 it was agreed the RG65 would be adopted by the club and be allocated Saturdays to sail.

The Class Capatain Is Terry Wright

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