RG65 Race Results

Saturday 07/09/2019

Monthly RG65 Meeting Wind North 10mph Temp 14’ 4 Skippers today using A,B,C & A+on the baby 🐉 A course was set starting 11&12, 8p, 7p, 12p and finish 7&8. This was changed midway to start 12& Flag, 7p’12p,& finish 7& Flag.                   

  George came along for some fun used his As but we all agreed for him to go to A+ and that bought him in to contention  Terry stayed on As all day on a swing rig and whilst it did nose dive it was manageable , Dave used all his sails but he’s C’s we’re a delight and good enough to take a race win, Malcolm dropped down to Bs but as he got to grips with them he suffered a winch failure and George enjoyed the competition,     Anyway Terry took the day with 8 wins from the nine races finishing on 7 points from Dave on 15 points and George on 21 points.                  

      We did continue racing but swapped boats about allowing George to win using a swing rig for the first time , Terry had a win using Dave’s C rig . Once again a huge learning curve for us al

Saturday 18-05-2019

Monthly RG65 Wind North East 0-2 mph, Temp 14’ We had 5 skippers with 6 boats today all using A rigs 5 swing and 1 Bermuda. Whilst we managed a few races it became obvious that the dying winds would win the day and we gave in around 11.30.

Five skippers, two of whom had never sailed an RG before, attended the first RG Club meeting which took place on Saturday 13th April in what can only be described as ‘challenging conditions’. Initially a bright but very cold day with exceptionally light wind, by midway through the first race the wind had come up to around 13 mph along with rain. This quickly turned into ever increasing wind speeds eventually into the mid 20 mph range with more rain and a period of hail for good measure. Nevertheless some good racing ensued with boats of varying designs, Sith, Pocket Rocket Goth XP and Manta all being on the water. Rigs used varied from different designs of A swing rigs through B, C and D swing rigs and a B Bermuda rig. It was interesting to see all four different sizes of rig in action and and even more so to see the tiny swing D rig on one boat hold its own versus another on a swing A which served to highlight how the designs can be tuned to perform.

The actual highlight of the day had to be the attendance, for a short while, of Graham Bartholomew and his wife Jan. It was great to see him at the lake and winning the race he took part in showed that his recent birthday and older age nor the chemo had affected his thumbs!

Being a shakedown meeting predominantly for fun and the testing of boats and rigs, no scores were recorded but we are now looking forward to our next meeting and races.

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