12/03/2023 Frozen Feet Round 6

10 skippers arrived to compete for the final round 6, of the Frozen Feet winter series. Apart from Ian Hawes, we were also tricked by the lighter than forecast and rigged with A’s, as could have been predicted by the end of race 1 it was full B rig and a short break was allowed for the fleet to down size. With a WSW 14 Gusting 17mph the course remained the same, 9-8 Start, 12p, 10s, 13p, 9p Finish 10 and post. The first of the retirements came early with Jim retrieving his boat after race 3 losing his keel bulb as he lifted from the water, 2 races later George started taking on water and decided to quit before too much damage to the electrics. It didn’t get much better with Ian Lloyd (soon to Join the club) losing his winch line but returned after lunch, and Ian Hawes struggling with electrics retiring after race 7. By this time the wind had swung and a new course set 9-8 st, 13p, 9p, finish 13 and Pole the remaining 7 continued to race 12, before the increased 20 gusting 25 wind thinned the fleet leaving 4 for race 18 with only 2 finishing Glen by then using C rig. By then it was 14:25 and we called it a day. There was as usual some close racing and the results show this. Thanks to James for running the starts and finishing pre lunch and Jim for taking over thereafter.

So that’s a Rap for another year, see final series results below. Back to Club Racing next month, where we hope to be able to spend time helping develop the fleets sailing and race management so if you have any suggestions or needs please contact our class captain Paul or any member of the committee.

Next Sunday 19/03/23 DF65 Club day.

12/02/2023 DF95 Frozen Fingers Rnd. 5

FROZEN FEET ROUND 5 – 12th Feb 2023. 11 Crews arrived at Coalhouse Fort for the 5th Round of Frozen Feet, the forecast was for a very light Southerly. Unfortunately the wind gods had not yet got up and we arrived to a sea mist, light drizzle and mirror water and no wind. After a delay we got going at around 10:15 ish, with a start between 7 and Y, 5 to port, then to 12 Port and finish at 7 and 8. It was so exiting we waited a while for the next race, unfortunately what little wind there was, kept veering south east, about as difficult as is possible to set a start line. We eventually compromised and changed to 7 and a flag on shore, across to 12, then 5p, 12p, finish between 7 and 8. By around 1:45 the wind was at its strongest and had gone back northerly so we were back to starting from 12 and flag on shore, along to 5p, 12p, finish between 7 and 8. All very frustrating, but everyone behaved very well and very few rules broken. A few boats dropped out due to rig problems or feeling cold, or in James case going back home to help the wife whose suffering a bad back. (We think he just got bored with the excitement). Thanks to everyone for once again an enjoyable day at the lake. Results were, 1st Buzz, 2nd Glenn, 3rd Dennis. Cheers, Paul

08/01/2023 DF95 Frozen Fingers Rnd. 4

DF95 Frozen Feet Round 4 (2022-23). 8 Skippers arrived at CHF on Sunday 8th Jan for the 4th Round of the Frozen Feet Championship. The temperature was a bit cool at around 8 Degrees, with a Grey sky. The wind started off at below forecast but increased all day with Boats starting on A Rig, reducing to B at Race 4, and some dropping to C Rig later in the day after Lunch. All were vey well behaved with a few collisions with the windward Mark, and difficulty tacking in the strong breeze and choppy conditions. The rain came and went, but we managed to get in 16 Races, all being Start 7-8, 14 Port, 5 Port, (2 laps) then finish between 11 and 12, except for race 1 which was a single lap. First to drop out before starting was Paul with Rudder Servo issues, and gradually boats kept dropping races due to either rig failure, rudder damage, battery problems etc. It was an enjoyable day, despite the chill and damp air, everyone was well behaved and a good days sailing was had. Thanks to all in attendance. PK.

11/12/2022 DF95 Frozen Feet Round 3

Last round of the year and 8 competitors arrived to a cold (-1C), foggy and windless (0-1mph gusting to 2mph) mornin. Unfortunately whilst unpacking Jim received the sad news that his dog of 14 years had passed, he understandably returned home, leaving seven of us including Ian Lloyd visiting from East Kent. Racing was delayed 20 minutes whilst a very slight air movement set in, after a briefing by RO Buzz (standing in for Paul) the course set, ST4-5 1p 4p F1-pole, we started racing. With conditions being very variable gaps grew only to be closed and open in a different order, slow going! 4 races before tea/coffee then back for 2 before lunch. Racing was very close with no runaway winners. After lunch the course was changed to ST9-Y 5p Yp F5-6 and a further 3 races sailed before we all decided, including the wind, we had had enough. A very friendly day raced with humour (how couldn’t it be) with not a raised voiced all day. A friend of Dennis turned up to see what its about and with lots of questions, seems he may be joining us in the future. Just DF65 Club Racing and 2 IOM Wednesdays before Christmas (NO RACING). Have A great Christmas if I don’t see you before and hope to see you all for Round 4 January 8th.

13/11/2022 DF95 Frozen Feet Round 2

DF95 Frozen Feet – Round 2 13th Nov. 2022. Well what can I say, 7 helms arrived at the moat with a misty sea frett that stayed most of the day. The wind, what there was, predominantly from the east was veering by 20 degrees south and north, just enough to tease us to think that we should be starting going the other way. The wind gods were in a very playful mood today, and we had almost fetch first legs what ever we did. Not too many fouls today, but a few boats missing the mark or hitting it square on. Dave seems to have perfected the technique. The Day went to Dennis, who seemed to have lightning speed today, combined with good starts helped him get through the frustrating winds today, followed by Buzz, who unusually struggled with boat speed. The results were mixed an everyone had a spell at both the front and the back of the fleet. I wont even attempt to describe the courses set as I might need the medication again. James and Keith visited us for a while, with James acting as Line judge for half the races, and surprisingly not taking up offers to sail boats.

09/10/2022 DF95 Frozen Feet Round.1

DF95. FROZEN FEET 9th October 2022. 8 Boats arrived to a beautiful Autumn day, a bit cool, with cloudless sky, NO WIND. just after 10am a small flutter arrived coming directly from the River easterly, after a 15 minute wait as it went a little Northerly we ran a Course from 13-14 start, up to 11P, then back to 13P and finish between 11 and 12. Once the coffee break had concluded the wind freshened up and turned to come from the South, with a hint of easterly. A revised course from 11-12 Start, up to 15p, 8P, 15P, 8P and finishing between 11-12 was used, it was later amended to use 14P and 7P, as due to the sun on the water it was difficult to see 15 in the glare, let alone the boats and the bank. All crews behaved well today, with the odd early started being called back and a few Port entries to the windward mark being unsuccessful. Paul seemed to find boat speed today, followed by Glen and Chris. James and Geoff suffered from gremlins with winches, leaks etc today. Another enjoyable day on the Lake, thank to all. (Paul)

11/09/2022 Sunday club Racing

[17:28, 11/09/2022] Paul Kirk: SEPTEMBER 11th 2022 CLUB RACING. 8 Boats arrived at CHF to be greeted by a Sea Mist with no wind, after a slow start it gradually arrived coming from the South or East in small flurries. After a minutes Silence for HM Queen Elizabeth, we got a couple of races in using No1 and the jetty posts as a start, then down to 5 port, finishing at between 1 and 2. This was later extended to go down to 8 and finish between 5 and 6. As the wing swung and teased us showing no understanding what the forecast had predicted, we finalised the day in a reasonable 6 mph, stating between 13 and 14, up to 8 port, then 13 port, , two laps and finishing between 11 and 12.The wind was equally frustrating and challenging for all, and 6 out of the 8 boats has Bullets. A couple of boats had winches jumping but got themselves sorted quickly, and a number of boats caught marks, particularly number 13, but were quickly rescued by others. Another day of fun, with good company – To no surprise Buzz managed to win the day chased by Geoff, then Paul, with the others close behind. Paul Kirk.

14/08/2022 Sunday Club Racing

Df95 Sunday 14th Aug.
6 boats and crew arrived to a mirror lake this morning, but by 9:45 a very light sea breeze from the North East started to appear, this went up to about F2 with the occasional shift to the east. The initial course was start between 13 and a flag on the bank, Yp, 7p, then down back to 13p and finishe between 12 and a shore flag. As the wind increased after break we added in 2 laps, and as it later went east we added in 1p and 12 s to provide 2 small beats to windward.
Geoff noticed a fire break out to the north of the Fort and we had a short break as they went to inform the Ranger. Soon the Essex Fire brigade arrived, and we got a few more races in after the lunch break before the smoke seemed to be getting worse with the smoke heading towards East Tilbury. At around 12:30 we felt it was prudent to finish racing and perhaps not add to the Burden the Ranger and Fireman already had. Especially with boats called Dragons we could be accused of starting the fire. So we concluded with 7 close and enjoyable races sailed, and everyone getting out of the heat early, with no Sunburn, smoke inhalation or melted boats.
Thanks all those attending and I’ll draw up the results tomorrow.

Cheers Paul

31/07/2022 Multi Class Club Day

See Club News for report and results

10/07/2022 Club Racing

DF 95 Sunday 10th July 2022. Eight Skippers turned up to a gloriously hot and sunny day, only draw back was the light winds coming from the South West, shifting west, with the occasional North and east thrown in for good measure. The course was our favoured ‘Zig-Zag’ of Starting between 8 and, 9, then 12 port, 10 starboard, 13 port, 9 port and finishing between 11 and 12. Not ideal but as the wind played games all day it was a good compromise. When the wind went north for a while we tried up to 6 and down to 10, but it switched back mid way and confused us all, so was only used for one race. Racing was fun with no serious incidents, with almost everyone trying to put dents into George’g rubber marks, James got tangled up with 9, Buzz went to assist and got caught also but they got off fortunately. Dave went to the dark side whilst chatting after a race but got off. Paul’s reserve boat purchased on ebay for £56 did very well, no failures and no water ingress – so probably a good buy as a new keel is £100, and Hull similar. Buzz, to no ones surprise, won the day followed by Geoff, then Paul- But all had a great day and will probably be rubbing on after sun as I type. Paul

12/06/2022 Club Racing

DF95 CHFRYC Sunday 12th June. 5 Helms met on Sunday 12th for a very warm days sailing. Buzz, Chris, Glen, David and Paul. Racing commenced at just before 10am, and all boats used A Rigs. The wind was a South westerly, rolling down the lake in the gusts but turning west and coming through the Fort in the Lulls. A course was set starting between 8 and 7, then up 12 passing to port, then a short run or reach across to 11 to starboard, with a windward mark of 13 to port, the downwind mark was 6, finishing between 11 and 12. The winds were very frustrating and would usually run straight down the Lake up until 5 seconds before the start, then drop and shift. Starting first did not always pay off, and occasionally starting at the back and watching the boats ahead being played by the wind gods worked advantageously, as Paul sneakily proved as few times. The winds however messed everyone about equally and we had some fun races. Buzz tested the robustness of the Buoy anchor blocks a few times, and on one occasion took himself out by ramming number 6 centrally, with then Glen taking a wide sweep to round him, getting Masts entangled, and making sure he was fully wiped out allowing the next boats a clear run to the finish. We did try switching the course to sail in the other direction with a windward mark of 6, but as usual the steady wind before the race changed 5 seconds after the gun went, then went back to route round the Fort the other way, we therefore went back to the original course. About 5 races from the end, we did have a panic when the Race results sheet could not be found, it had blown out of the protective case and was floating hidden along the lake wall. Fortunately Buzz spotted it floating and quickly photographed it prior to fishing it out – once dried, it was as good as new. Thanks to all attending and well done Buzz, with Chris and Paul having a close battle a little further behind but close on points. Glenn seemed to suffer the day from lack of speed, and Dave found the Doldrums a little more frequently than the rest of the fleet. No boat failures and another enjoyable day at the moat. Thanks, Paul

Frozen Feet Round 6 10/04/2020

DF95 FROZEN FEET Round 6 10th April 2022.  Racing resumed on Sunday for the final round of the Frozen Feet series, with 5 Boats on the line. The temperature was fresh at the start but warmed up nicely as the day progressed. We had a gently southerly wing veering east and west over the day just to add a bit more excitement. Launching was done from Mats set out near to the Life buoy and we stayed above the pathway, which seemed strange at first but everyone soon go used to this. The course was predominantly starting from 7-8, up to 14 to port, then 7 port, 14p, 7p again and finish between 12 and the flag post on the shore. 5 boats enjoyed 20 races, and some didn’t really want to go home then, The only breakage was Paul at the fist race who had receiver issues, only had 8 weeks to check it was ok -Durr!.  Everyone was well behaved and the real entertainment  was watching Buzz push out James at the start line as he tried to sneak in between the buoy, he must have done this on at least 3 races, and James eventually realised this trick would not work. A thoroughly enjoyable day and we had Nick, Geoff and Nice Terry join as spectators for most of the day. All racers went home thoroughly Kn…d and are probably still asleep on their sofas. Cheers, Paul.

Final results after 6 Rnd’s. with 2 Discards

Frozen Feet Round 5 13/02/2022

9 Skippers started the racing, with a perfect Southerly breeze going straight down the course allowing a perfect start line between 7 and 8, a beat up to 14 Port, downwind to 5 Port, and finishing between 7 and 8. Unfortunately we cannot have it perfect and it was blowing Force 6 and gusting. Some boats started on B Rig (Thats all they brought or have), others on C Rig. Dennis and James dropped out after this initial race. The course was extended so as to provide a longer finishing beat up to 11 and 12. The waves were large and it proved hard going upwind especially when tacking. Further boats gradually dropped out (Paul going to Dark side with electrical problems), and others with either rig failure, electric problems or both. Eventually only 3 boats were left to complete 16 hard races. Boat handling prevailed and Glenn managed a win due to speed and his Handling skills, followed by Chris, who changed down to D Rig but suffered downwind speed, and George keeping close behind. Altogether a hard but enjoyable day, without a westerly wind through the Fort 😊

Series Results with one round left

Frozen Feet Round 4 09/01/2022

Df95 Frozen fingers round 4 – 9th Jan 2022.

11 races started today for a bright sunny 7 degrees with a b…. Westerly veering wind coming over, under and around the fort. Racing kicked off just before 10am with a course of start 8-9, 13p, 9p and finish at 12 and a flag post on the bank. This was then changed to start 8-9, 13p, Xp, 13p, Xp and finish between 12 and flag post.
After lunch we moved to the other end of the lake and tried 4-5 start, 1p, 4p, and finish between 3 and 2, after 3 races and the wind dying we reverted back to our earlier course on the south side of the lake, but after a further 3 races and the wind dying and moving all over it was decided to call it a day.
We had 2 visitors today, Keith tried Paul’s boat and showed that theirs nothing wrong with the boat by getting a first place by a good margin. Later James came over and sailed number 5 and also showed how it’s done 😢
We lost a few boats mid day due to electrical and servo problems – Lance and Ian.
We had a few instances of collisions at the start partly due to the starboard bias, but boats must remember if they are windward boat they cannot bear down onto a leeward boat just to ensure their able to get within the mark or because their potentially going to be over the line. Buzz suffered from being taken out like this a couple of times.
Today’s racing was one by Buzz, with Paul behind by one point (don’t know what I did but boat going very well, not touching anything now), Glenn followed in 3rd with Geoff chasing him.
Thanks to all for an enjoyable day.
(Class Captain Kirk)

Frozen Feet Round 3 12/12/2021 & series results

DF95 FROZEN FEET ROUND 3 12th December 2021. Today 12 skippers arrived for racing with a dull sky but with a 12mph South Westerly wind. Alison turned up with a fantastic looking boat, Gold sprayed with black and a pinstripe around the hull. It looks far too good to go in the water. Paul failed to start due to electrical issues, funny how they never arise when testing the day before in the garage!. The first course was only one lap Starting between 8 and 9, up to 13P, run down to 4P, and finish between 7 and a shore flag. The wind gave a bit too much Starboard bias at the start but nothing could be done to solve this easily. All the subsequent races used a longer course starting between 8 and 9, beating up to 13P, then a run down to 9P, back up to 13P, down again to 9P, with a finish between 12 and a shore flag. Buzz managed to show everyone how important it is to check you’ve switched your electrics back on after the tea break and had to visit the dark side. Dave did the same later in the day when his power failed and he did about 100 360 turns before landing on the far side – he should have sufficient credit for a year or so. James tried to hit as many marks as possible on the lake, but soon realised that No9 (Big monster Buoy) doesn’t move and he might loose that fight. Buzz won the day, followed by Glen and Chris chased closely by James. Geoff had good and bad races with his new hull. The starts were port bias unfortunately and we had a few crunch ups, a number of boats jumping the start, Buzz being one of them, which seemed to put him off a few races as he scored a 7th in one race (He’s probably not been there for a while). A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all. Even myself acting as RO and being trained by Geoff.

After 3 Rounds

Frozen Feet 21/22 Round 2 28-11-2021 and series result after round 2.

The threatened Freezing day with strong winds didn’t quit deliver! Yes First thing it was Cold but with a WNW 8-16 MPH Wasn’t quit what we expected but it did mean the wind chill wasn’t so bad and by the time gusts above 25 arrived (soon to depart) we had warmed up enough not to get to cold.

Anyway the Racing – Racing started utilising 8 and 9 ‘Big Buoy’ as a start line which gave us an strong port bias, then 1p, 9p, 1p, 9p finish 5-6, which seemed to be just right for James and Geoff. The port Bias had become severe and a new course was set starting between 4-5 then 1p, 9p, 1p, 9p Finish 1-2 which remain for the rest of the day. With the wind swinging considerably and at time leaving hole’s in the wind mid coarse the day became a real trial and the initial 12 Skippers were slowly whittled down Starting with John Lambert visiting and having missed the first 2 races didn’t manage to finish a race due to electrical issues, Glen seemed to catch the same problem missing a few races until he got things working enough to sail the rest of the day. Chris Hodson, on just his second race day took a very deserved 2nd place with Geoff Howell just 3 points back in 3rd . Most races seemed to follow the same story with a breakaway group followed a bit back by the remainder of the fleet, in close company to each other.

Due to the rescheduling of this event allowing the IOM Icicle trophy to be run, we will back at it in just 2 weeks 12-12-21. Next week is DF65 Frozen Fingers But don’t forget the day before Saturday 4-12-21 Is the Club AGM! Please see your email for venue and time.

Series Result after Round 2

DF95 Frozen Feet 21/22 Rnd.1 10-10-2021

Having missed a year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions It Is great to see 11 95’s and 12 skipper (Lyndsey and Mark Sharing) taking to the water for This years series. As well as Lyndsey and Mark racing the 95 for the first time, welcome to new Member Chris Hodson and, about to join, Ian Hawes, both new to racing there DF95’s.

We arrived at the waters edge to find nothing as forecast, a drab, misty and windless. Fortunately just in time for our 10:00 start a very light and variable SW of no more than 4 mph, allowing a course starting between 10-11 the 13 p, X p and finishing between 13-14 , X was soon replaced by 10 as the breeze dropped. Glen, Dennis James showed there early pace with all taking top 4 places. Unfortunately that was It for the west end of the lake as the wind stopped and we all waited for it to come back.

Sometime later it did but again very light from the NNW and we restarted with a coarse 8-9 start, 6p 9p finish 6 and bank, Just as we started the wind came in at about 6-8 mph resulting in a very fast race and with the continuing to rise over 10mph the coarse was extended dropping 6 for 1 and finishing between 5-6. This became the course for the next 10 races, but with the wind dying fast racing was brought to an end at 14:15 having completed 16 races. Well done to Glen, Dennis, Glen and Dave for taking race wins and newbie Chris for well deserved 5th overall.

DF95 Frozen Feet 2019/20 Final Results

Circumstance, Flooding at the lake followed by Covid-19 Restrictions, has left us in the position of being unable to complete the last 2 races of the series (Club racing is still not possible due competitor limitations).

The Series counts a minimum of 4 from 6 races and having completed the first 4 races, the series is now called complete with the final 2 races being cancelled.

Covid-19 Permitting the 2020/21 Frozen Feet Series will commence 11th October 2020 for 6 races on the 2nd Sunday of each month ending 14th March 2021.

Please the results below, trophies will be presented at the earliest opportunity. Congratulations to Glen and Dennis in 2nd and 3rd.

12/01/2020 Frozen Feet Series after 4 rounds

With 4 from 6 rounds to count for the series first place has been claimed! However second and third are still up for grabs with the final 2 rounds giving plenty opportunity to gain those points.

Frozen Feet Rnd.4 12/01/2020

Seems to be a repeating theme in this series, as 7 Skippers arrived at the lake to find a Solid B rig (cant remember what an A rig looks like) 18-20 mph South westerly, with gusts sufficient to show a rudder or two. Racing started between with a fairly long beat, returning to the leeward start mark twice and finishing mid beat. By race 11 the wind had sufficient west to require a coarse change, which as the wind strength dropped became very challenging due to big shifts containing holes with almost nothing. Those having changed to C rig earlier in the day had no choice but to stick the B back on. We welcomed Phil Newman from Chelmsford who was racing for the first time and quickly brought his experience, in RC yacht racing, to bear finishing in second place from Jonny Beale in third 6 points back after 16 Races.

Frozen Feet Series results after 3 rounds

Frozen Feet Rnd. 3.  08/12/2019

James rounding in FIRST PLACE flowed by Paul With his home made C sails

Round 3 and the last DF95 event of 2019, Wind WSW 15 to 35 mph mainly Sunny.

8 Skippers arrived to gusty wind blowing around the west end of the fort as the shifts went that way, racing started with all but Paul, whom had arrived with his home built c rig fitted, chose there B rigs, which was the correct choice. Race 6 saw all but James and Yukio drop to C rigs which really was too early but by race 6 it defiantly was the right way to go. C rigs remained even as the last few races where the wind really required a B, but no one bothered to change. 16 races were enough for us all as an increasing amount of windblown leaves started to effect results. Racing stopped shortly after 14:00 with heavy dark clouds bringing the threat of rain. Glen, Jim and James fought it out for the 2nd and 3rd with Jim suffering some boat issues Glen took 2nd and James 3rd. Once again our thanks to Terry for taking on the race officer role, allowing us all to concentrate on starting (sometimes!)

Next round January 12th 2020

Remember next weekend Is DF65’s

Frozen Feet Round 2 10/11/2019

9 skippers arrived to find a NE 8 to 10 mph with a nice bright sun attempting to take the edge of the wind. With this direction a course running up and down the lake was set giving a half length beat from the start to windward mark followed by a run, beat, run and half length beat to the finish. This course had to be modified as the wind went further east initially be moving the start and leeward mark, then finally moving to the west end of the lake as the wind struggled to clear the sea wall. 18 Races were held before calling it a day as the wind started to die away and as seems to be the way in this class some very close racing was enjoyed, especially in the mid fleet. James and Glen ended on equal points, with Glen taking 3rd due to a win in race 6. Jonathan led the pair, after his consistent results, by a good margin in 2nd. Unfortunately Paul’s day was brought to an early end, when his rudder fell of during race 5. We welcomed David Beale (Johnathan and James father) as a visitor to the club and his first RC yacht Race. As can be seen from his results he seemed to get the hang of things.

My Thanks to Terry for again joining us to provide general race management, keeping us honest and producing the results.

Series results to date

Sunday 13/10/2019 Frozen Feet Round 1

Having arrived 2 hours before racing to adjust the race mark heights due to the recent ingress due to extreme tide heights, George and James took the water, with 18 marks needing attention it looked to be a long job, fortunately after a simple untangling all were floating at the correct height in around an hour. Many thanks for there hard work!

7 Skippers came to the start line, all but Paul Kirk sailing with there there A rigs. With the wind varying from mid A to high A, Paul with his B rig found himself struggling down wind at times but stiil being at the right end of the fleet. During a short break the increasing wind meant all moved to the B rig, last only a few races before a C rig was required. Coinciding with James having receiver issues we found the fleet suddenly reduced by 3 boats! Dennis was forced to use his D rig having damaged his C, which seemed to be a handicap until the wind yet again picked up and The C rig was at the extremes of its range. An interesting and fun days racing seeing all 4 rigs in use at there correct wind strength which is probably a first for me. My thanks to Terry for Helping out as race officer/Starter/Scorer and observer.

Sunday Club Racing 09-06-2019

Welcome to Squibbit, Jonny’s son Angus, a new member who came along to give the DF95’s a try and showed some impressive speed and skills.

The morning started with the 8 skippers having some discussion on starting a race and the associated rules at this stage of a race, immediately followed by a number of practice starts allowing theory to be put into practice.

Racing followed on a windward leeward coarse which had to be moved as the wind direction swung around the lake and back again. with a very variable wind strength with some interesting wind shifts 10 races were completed in A rig before the wind stopped completely along with racing for the day. Well done to Glenn and Jonny who’s consistency shows in the final results.

It was felt the discussions at the beginning of the day were worth while and will be continued on Club racing days.

Frozen Feet Final Results

Frozen Feet Round 4

Round 4 was sailed in conjunction with the Eastern District DF95 Open, a report can be found on the ‘Open Event Results Page’. Results for this round are below.

Frozen Feet Latest Results

Frozen Feet round 3 (re run) 14-04-2019

Wind SE 10-15 knots. Temp 8′. 7 skippers turned up for the first race but then hopeful new member Pete Hutchings and Jamie from Southend join in from the second race. The course was set start 1 and flag beat to X then run back to 2, spreader to 1 then back to X and 2 then 1 finishing between 5 and 4. After four races the wind swinging slightly more easterly so we replaced 1 as the spreader with a buoy nearer the bank and beat back to 4 rather than X. Terry had elastic failure as soon as he launched which caused his main sheet to jump the winch so he was out for four races. We had great racing with very different courses being sailed, boats 100m apart on different tacks then tacking for the mark and ending up inches apart. It was a fantastic days racing with several skippers taking line honours. We sailed 19 races finishing about 2.15. James ending up winning with 35 points and Glenn second with 37 points and Dennis 3rd on 53 points. Thanks all for making it a superb days racing. James

DF95 Frozen Feet Round3 10-03-2019

With a forecast indicating Gusts to 50 MPH, 9 Intrepid/optimistic (some may say stupid) Skippers turned up to take part in Round 3 of the DF95 Frozen Feet. A quick walk around the fort to the water found the surface of the lake being lifted into spray and the Thames looking like mist moving down river, until you realised the speed it was travelling. With the gusts alternated from either side of the fort It was decided to cancel racing for the day. The Frozen Feet will be extended into May, with the final round incorporated in the Eastern District DF95 Open on May 12th.

DF95 Frozen Feet Round 2 10-02-2019

With a WSW gusty wind and a threat of heavy rain 10 boats, 11 Skippers (Terry and Paul new to the class shared my loan boat to see what the DF95 is all about) assembled to race for Rnd. 2 of the winter series. A ‘Z’ course was laid which just about worked for the first 2 races before the wind swung WNW and we all moved to the north eastern end of the lake. The wind continued to be gusty with plenty of shifts, a few boats sailing with A and the remainder on B rig but not for long as the gusts got bigger after lunch and everyone settled on the B rig. A further 14 races were completed on this course and with only the lightest sprinkling of rain. As usual with this class there was a real mixture at the front with place changes in the last 5m meters.  Terry and Paul got used to the boat and put a few good results but the winner finished with 13 points followed by the ever competitive Glen Meekcoms with 29 in 2nd , James Beale in 3rd  on 48, and Geoff Howell just 2 points further back in 4th . Full results follow together with the series results to-date.

Round 3 will take place on the 10-03-2019 see you all there.

Next Sunday the 17-02-2019 is the next round of the DF65 Frozen Fingers.

DF95 Frozen Feet Round 1 13-01-2019

12 Competitors were met by a grey day with Gusty winds from the west to north west. This meant the whole lake was raced on at some point as the fleet moved from one end to the other then back again. The DF95 welcomed three new skippers to the class, Yukio Takahashi, Jonathan Beale, and Geoff Howell, with Jonny enjoying his firts outing in the class taking 2nd place, after a close competition with Glenn Meekcoms finishing just 2 points back in 3rd. With such a difficult wind direction initial racing took place on a zig zag coarse allow two windward’ish legs sailed twice per race with a long run in between. After 7 races the wind had swung more north of west resulting in two coarse changes in succession before we all went back to were we started. With all that 16 Races were completed with just a couple of drop outs due to electrical problems for the last few races. Some great close racing at all areas of the fleet were enjoyed by all! Results below

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