In accordance with the Club Constitution:

Membership may be granted anyone with an interest in sailing the classes of radio control yachts the club races who makes application to the committee and are accepted.

It is a requirement of the club that all members be affiliated to the Model Yachting Association, which as well as supporting the governing body of our sport, provides third part insurance whilst sailing at the club but also when racing at any MYA event.

To apply for Membership please download  a copy of our Membership Application form , complete and return to the address shown on the form.

Junior members, under 18 years of age or other ‘vulnerable persons’ will only be accepted as members if they are accompanied at all times by a parent, guardian or specified responsible person. Please complete the Parent/Guardian Deceleration.

‘Guest Visits’ are welcome to sail at the club for three visits only. After this it will become necessary to become a member to continue sailing at club meetings.

Members and Guests must abiding by the Rules and Constitution of the Club.

Download the Coalhouse Fort RYC Privacy Policy document CHF privacy

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