DF65 Frozen Fingers Winter Series 2022/23

Club Day 29/05/2022

 “Good evening to you all our committee are looking at our 5th Sunday in May the 29th and thinking of a 65,95 & IOM Event to enable everyone to have a chance to sail. We need your feedback if you think you can make it and if you have any ideas for the event format,  Look forward to your response 

Terry Wright

DF65 Frozen Fingers 2021/22

We are pleased to announce the resumption of the Frozen Fingers Winter Series, starting on October 3rd and each first Sunday ending March 6th 2022. Please read notice below.


Hi Girls, Just to remind you it’s Round 4 of the Frozen Fingers this coming Sunday thats for baby dragons 🐉, early days but the Weather looking spot on for A+ “again” sunny and dry😋yummy, so let’s do it before the snow arrives , Oh and a gentle reminder for 1or2 of you YOUR SUBS ARE DUE CU Sunday 💋 Terry


Hi Girls ,Happy new year to you all. It’s baby dragons 🐉 Sunday, weather is looking bright, dry and the top end of A+ so hopefully see you all for 10o/c kick off. “I have a spare boat for any newcomers”. PS no results for last Wednesday. No wind☹


Hi Girls, due to zero wind there was no racing today SO the 2nd round of the Frozen Fingers will be run next Sunday , looking forward to seeing you’s all💋


Hi Girls , just to jog your brain boxes it’s the second round of the Frozen Fingers ( baby dragons 🐉) this Sunday so look forward to seeing you’s all again. Interesting to see “Windy” are predicting it’s blowing South and BBC are predicting North 🤔 either way it’s looking like A+ rigs again 💋. P.S. our next RG65 SATURDAY will have to be on the 23rd because I’ve AGMs to attend on the Saturdays either side.


Hi Girls, As I’m sure you all know it’s the first round of the Frozen Fingers this Sunday for the baby dragons 🐉 , this is a series of 6 race days running through to March 2020 . Your best 4 results to count to your overall score .Hope to see all those that can make it , at present it’s looking like A+ will be the prime sail, unlike last Sunday when A,B,C and D were used, I final word of thanks to those that got to the ditch at 8o/c that morning and fixed all the Marks👏👏👏 Cu Sunday 💋

05/10/19 DF65 for sale

Go to the for sale page for details

03/10/2019 John Newton Memorial event

Unfortunately in light of the awful weather forecast for Sunday it has been decided to postpone the memorial meeting until the spring.
  It will not be fun to sail and are wanting to raise money from members of the public but we fear there will be no members of the public about on Sunday!! 

Frozen Fingers 2019/20

Its almost time for the Frozen Fingers/Feet series to start,please see the following Notice Of Race for both series. There are the odd spare boats available if anyone would like to have a go.

NOR Entry fee updated 01/10/19


Hi Girls, just to bring you up to speed, it’s baby dragons 🐉 this weekend ( I’ll not be there ,kids taking me to Goodwood FoS) so George will be looking after you, so play nicely for him , the following weekend (22nd) is the Eastern District DF65s hosted by Southend at CHF so get your entries into Glenn.The last weekend will be IOMs and the 6th October will be the John Newton Memorial meeting for the DF65 class . so get your entries in to James , other than that there’s a jolly up on the 23rd @ 7.30 cause some fools getting married 😘. PS apparently once I’m married I’ve got to stop leaving these 😘 Terry.

John Newton Macmillan event 06/10/2019

In memory of John Newton we will holding a race event for the DF65 whith the aim of raising a donation to the Macmillan Cancer Support in Johns memory. lets all dust of our 65’s and join together racing at the club, as John enjoyed so much.

Hi Girls , 65 news , it’s baby dragons 🐉 this Sunday and with a bit of luck we can dump those nasty A+ sails, kick off 10o/c. Then a reminder it’s RG65s on Saturday 22nd again 10o/c kick off for a few hours, we managed 6 boats at our last meeting 😘 Terry

DF65 ED Championship Rnd 2

All welcome to the our home round of the DF65 Eastern District Championship, 11th May 2019. See attached NOR for details.

Frozen Fingers


Hi Girls, hope your all good and fit for the 5th round of the Frozen Fingers this Sunday ( I would have said the penultimate round )but I can’t spell it. Anyway at the moment it looks like a decent wind all be it over the fort☹ for our baby dragons
1st race at 10 o/c   CU there. Terry .

Frozen Fingers

Hi Girls, I’m sure you know but just a quick note to remind you’s it’s the 4th round of the FF for the baby Dragons 

 Sunday, looks like B’s at the moment, that will be a nice change, look forward to seeing you all for the 1 st race at 10o/c !

DF65 Class Rule Compliance

The DF Classes are known as Restricted One Design and controlled by a set of class rules which define what we can and cannot change on the Yachts (which is where restricted comes in).  Compliance with the DF65 Class Rules is mandatory and we should all take responsibility to ensure our yachts are fully compliant when racing.

The Rules were developed after many years of sailing both ‘one design’ and ‘design to rule’ classes. Their intent is to give, with respect of equipment, an even playing field within a relatively low and controlled cost, as well as ensure new owners arrive for the first time with the same equipment. The DF65 build instructions supplied with the boat (and written by the same person) detail how to build your rigs and install batteries etc. in the best way for the performance of the yachts these instructions should be read in conjunction with the class rules.

You will find a rule or two, that may seem over restrictive, petty or meaningless to you, but remember there are hard learnt reasons behind all the rules. What may seem irrelevant does have a purpose, put your feelings aside and go race. That’s where all your focus should be with this Class, build and enjoy some of the closest racing you will ever experience!

This is an excerpt from a response regarding the rules from their Author.

‘ let me explain the basis of the DF class rules and indeed the whole ethos of the classes. Imagine you are new to radio sailing and take up the opportunity to get involved in the sport after hearing about the low cost, level racing promised by either the DF65 or 95. You buy your boat, it arrives next day in the post and you spend a hopefully rewarding few hours putting it together exactly as described in the rigging instructions supplied with the boat. You’ve taken great care to follow these instructions to the letter and you a rightly proud of the end result. Next step, you look for your nearest fleet so you can join in this restricted one-design class, racing on equal terms, apart from ability, with other DFs, safe in the knowledge that your boat is up to the job even though you have a lot to learn about how to get it around the course quicker than anyone else, that’s the big challenge, but we all have to start somewhere.

Imagine how annoyed, even cheated, you might feel when you look around at your competitors boats and realise this ‘low cost, level racing’ thing is a hollow promise. Every boat has a multitude of go-faster tweaks, super lightweight sails and other changes clearly aimed at gaining a performance advantage. You either buy all these improved items or put your boat away and forget about the whole thing. Or worse still you jump on the nearest internet forum and vent your disappointment in public ’.  Excerpt from an email regarding the class rules by John Tushingham, The Author of the DF Class rules.

Regular checks will start to take place at the lake side, no one will penalised for an issue immediately, unless it’s a major obvious attempt at gaining an advantage. You will be helped to resolve any issue and be expected to come to the water with those issue’s rectified by your next visit to Race at the club.

There is help at hand both to help check your boat, give aid in rectifying rule issues and give guidance and methods of improving your build within the Class rules. Your first place is to ask your competitors, if they can’t help or if I’m there sailing come straight to me. If you have questions whilst build or update email Buzz direct, at buzz_coleman@sky.com and I will endeavour to reply quickly.


Sailing Committee         Issue 1 25-02-19

AGM 2018

In line with the AGM held in December 2018, The DF65 class will be sailed on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from January 2019. There will be a winter series run each year known as the ‘Frozen Fingers’ with a perpetual trophy presented at the end of each years series. The Club will be hosting a round of the Eastern District Championship. Please See the Events Calendar for details.

The Club Class Captain is Terry Wright.

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