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The sport of Radio Controlled Yacht Racing is raced under the Racing rules of sailing with inclusion of Appendix E, as defined by World Sailing In the documents linked (in Red) below.

World Sailing ‘Racing Rules of sailing 2021-2024

Changes and Corrections in the Racing rules of sailing 2021-2024

To understand the differences between the last set of rules and the latest please read the Study Version of the Racing Rules of sailing 2021-2024

The intention of this page is to help educate those racing, in what is and isn’t allowed within the rules, by answering questions raised during racing or via emailed questions to any of the Class Captains, contact details can be found here. If the Answers are not easily covered within the above rules documents and Interpretation will be given which off coarse may not be entirely correct so please feel free to challenge and question.

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21/01/2022 Rules at the Finish Line

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