RG65 ‘Manta’ for sale (21/10/2022)

FOR SALE . RG65 Manta 17 in very good condition . Arm winch ,new rudder servo, 4 swing rigs all Cat Sail comprising off A fat head, A low aspect, B & C, Sail bag, Stand and 2 new 700mah batteries and a selection of pre cut patches £500. or with HiTEC F8 transmitter in original box with hand book and charger with 2 1400 mah batteries & 2 optimar receivers already bound £620. Sorry no offers. Radio gear can be bought separately as I have 2 sets £120, Contact Terry Wright.

DF65 For Sale (21/10/2022) ****SOLD****

FOR SALE DF65 used using A+ sail only for a handful of races otherwise brand new comes with Soch A+ rig , kits A and B rigs , stand , sail bag and 2 new 850 mah batteries £ 200 or £320 ready to sail with HiTEC F8 Transmitter, with 2 TX Batteries and 2 optimar mini receivers ( 1 new). Transmitter can be bought separately ( I have two). Sorry no offers. Contact Terry Wright.

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